Upgrade Information
Send in your registration forms immediately upon receiving the product. This is the most important part of the upgrade process. Once you are in our system and have your product registered, you will be eligible for upgrade offers. Additionally, it will be easier to contact you should you need technical support and updates on changes and new products.
In order to process your order, we will need your Upgrade Form with either a Visa, Mastercard, check or money-order supplied under the Method Of Payment section of the upgrade form. This form can be sent to us either by mail or via fax (803) 738-0218. If you are located in Canada, you may use the Canadian Upgrade Form.
If you purchased DeskMan/2 before 1995 you may not have received a registration card. If that is the case, we will need proof of purchase and any information you have about the purchase (i.e. where you bought the product from and when). Please call us at (803) 790-9230 if you are having a significant problem in obtaining this information and we will do our best to assist you. Remember that our registration process is designed to make things easier on both sides, allowing us to know who our customers are, and allowing you to take full advantage of our customer support system.
If you are interested in the Subscription Plan for DeskMan/2 please be aware of what the plan entails, namely your first upgrade to DeskMan/2 v2.0 , and then the next three updates following, totaling 4 products. The Subscription Plan is the second of two choices on the DeskMan/2 Upgrade Form. Please do not mark both choices; the first option is for one copy of v2.0 and the second is for one copy of v2.0 and three subsequent updates.
Please be advised that if you are purchasing the product from anywhere outside the United States, please call for the correct shipping and handling charges as the Upgrade Form does not reflect shipping and handling charges for sending the product internationally. We will do our best to find the most inexpensive and efficient way to send you your purchase. If you are located in Canada, you may use the Canadian Upgrade Form.
Lastly, please note that DeskMan/2 upgrades may also be purchased through authorized vendors.

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