Web Site Development, Product Training and Deployment, OS/2 to Windows NT migration, Software Development, Consulting.

DevTech affords its customers many different services. We develop and host both simple and advanced websites. We provide a wide range of consulting services to software development firms, corporate developers, and other consultants. Whether you are deploying a new web site for your small business, developing the next generation of global distributed commerce systems for some of the world's largest companies, or most places in between, our experts have been there, done that, and stand ready to help you to solve your problems properly and cost-efficiently.

We are prepared to assist in all project phases, including planning, design, implementation, training, mentoring, and technology transfer. Areas of expertise include all aspects of programming, Object Technology, distributed processing, Internet and Intranet deployment, Java, Lotus Notes, Microsoft® Windows, and OS/2®.

Members of our staff helped to create some of the distributed computing technologies that you hear so much about today. CORBA, IDL, Common Object Services, Java, RMI, Java Beans, Java Servlets, and JDBC are not just buzzwords to us. We understand them, and can help you get the most out of them.

Feel free to contact us and join the many companies of all sizes which have benefited from DevTech's expertise, including AT&T, Borland, Capax Corporation, Digital Switch, Dresser Industries, Du Pont, General Electric, Genesis Development Corporation, MDi, NBI, NCR, Novell, and SPRINT.

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